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Dandruff is a common chronic scalp condition characterized by itching and flaking of the skin on the scalp. Although dandruff isn’t contagious and is rarely serious, it is embarrassing and sometimes difficult to treat.

Mild cases of dandruff require use of medicated shampoos on a regular basis. While moderate to severe cases require Medical management and in house treatment with Ozone.

Hairline international hair and skin clinic provides the best anti-dandruff control treatment in Bangalore with the use of ozone therapy. Ozone therapy has a germicidal effect that helps in eliminating flaking and itching by destroying fungus. It improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair re-growth.

If anybody doesn’t take Anti-Dandruff treatment at the earlier stages there will be chance of getting psoriasis.

Q. What is so called Dandruff?
A. Dead Skin cells on the scalp becomes like Dandruff. Which is about 487000 cells/cm2 normally get released.

Q. What are the causes for recurring Dandruff?
A. Commonest triggers include increased oil production, oily skin, oily scalp, excessive sweating, poor hygiene, Weather (hot and humid or cold and dry), infrequent washing or shampooing, Concurrent yeast or fungal skin infections, poor immune system, chronic illness, emotional or mental stress.

Q. What are the Anti-Dandruff treatments available in Hairline international?
A. We Provides ozone Therapy. Which is the best Anti-Dandruff treatment in Bangalore.

Q. How Vitamin deficiency causes Dandruff?
A. Nutrition Deficiency can also causes dry scalp. When you are not getting vitamin B12 and B6 and vitamin B it effects your skin cells on scalp. In this case you can boost your vitamin with fruits, flax seed oil, Zinc and selenium.

Q. What are the characteristic of Dandruff?
A. you feel like Itching and flaking on the scalp when you have Dandruff.

Q. Until How many People Hairline International provided Anti-Dandruff treatment?
A. We have given anti-Dandruff treatment to many people. Many people faces hair loss/ Hair fall issues because of Dandruff.

Reviews :

Hello, im krish, i would like to share my experience with Hairline International -best anti dandruff treatment clinic in Bangalore.

I was suffering from itchy dry and scaly scalp, and consulted dermatologist in different clinic. But I didn’t get any result out of those shampoos’ and all, recently 1 month back I consulted Dr. Vignesh at hairline and underwent scalp analysis and suggested to go for basic treatment with ozone. After 2 sitting I am not feeling itchy and dry scalp. As per doctor suggestion I am using prescribed shampoo as well. Thank you Hairline.

Name: Krish
Treatment and Location: Anti dandruff treatment Bangalore


Thank you so much Hairline, for given me the best Anti dandruff and hair loss treatment, I was suffering from hair loss and not knowing the reason for it, once I went through scalp analysis at hairline international , I came to know from doctor ,dandruff and scaly scalp is the reason for that, and I underwent treatment like ozone therapy and all now my hair fall also reduced and my scalp is also clean due to some Nutrition Deficiency I suffered from dry scalp and all, I took suggestion from dietician at hairline, I am fallowing her instruction as well, it is really good place and the staff are very honest and clear what they have about treatment, I can say best place for anti dandruff treatment in Bangalore , I will definitely refer my friends and family members for treatment which is worthy.

Name: Kavitha
Treatment and Location: Anti dandruff treatment Bangalore


Hi Murali here, I had good experience at Hairline International Clinic. My issues with hair fall and dandruff have resolved very well with their Anti dandruff treatment. I would recommend my friends to reach to Hairline International for anti dandruff treatment in Bangalore and any of their Hair problems. Thanks for good service hairline.

Name: Murali
Treatment and Location: Anti dandruff treatment Bangalore


If anybody says Dandruff I use to take it very lite. But in recent days I experienced the effects of dandruff. At the starting stage I taken it casually, later I started losing my hair and severe itching. I tried natural techniques for dandruff control, but those got failed. Then I browsed through internet and decided to go for ozone treatment and I started taking Anti-dandruff treatment in Bangalore by hairline international. Now my dandruff gets cured. I could say hairline is one of the best clinic providing best Anti-Dandruff treatment in Bangalore

Name: Manikanta
Treatment and Location: Anti dandruff treatment Bangalore


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