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Body Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

The hair growth cycle of the body hair has not been scientifically proven yet. Some studies show that body hair has a very short anagen phase and a very long telogen phase. This means that body hair grows in a period of about six months to about 2 inch long, and they then rest on this length for some years.

In Body Hair Transplantation when hair is transferred from the body to the scalp, it may have considerable delay in growth due to their long telogen phase. The compatibility of scalp and body hair The compatibility of scalp and body hair especially as far as colour and curl is concerned, is very important. If for example, the body hair of a specific patient is curly and his scalp hair is straight, then body hair transplantation on this patient will be difficult.

Body Hair usually grows to about 5 cm so the potential BHFUE patient must accept that he will cut his hair to the maximum of that length. BHFUE patients must know their limitations and must be carefully selected. This technique however may be the solution to extremely bald patients that could not proceed with hair transplantation in the past due to their limited donor scalp hair. Two procedures are done one from body to scalp and other scalp to body hair.

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