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Designer Hair Restoration | Combination Hair Transplantation

Designer Hair Restoration for Maximum Result
People who are in the advanced stage of hair loss [5 th and 6 th grade of hair loss] for the full coverage of bald & density may require more than one hair transplant. However some hair loss patients may not be having the enough donor area to cover their bald area. Despite stage of hair loss many people having the bald area with less quality donor hair that can cover complete bald area.

The best solution for the people who could not able to go for hair transplantation with less donor area or weak donor hair is combination hair transplantation [designer hair restoration] in Bangalore, Mumbai by hairline international. Where we design your hair restoration procedure to cover the complete bald area with the combination of your donor hair and the hair fixing. Donor hair will be transplanted on the frontal scalp. Sidescreates the natural hairline. Combination hair transplantation will maximize the coverage on your scalp.

How does combination hair transplant works in case of extensive baldness?Hair Transplant, SMP & a hair system together gives the complete look with head full of hair. In the combination hair transplantation procedure SMP gives you the feel of full coverage along
with the combinational of hair transplant. People having less donor area can go with the combination of hair transplant and hair system, where hair system can be placed at the crown part of scalp and hair transplantation can be done on the frontal and corners of scalp. This procedure best sites for the patients with less donor area or weak donor hair or who don’t like to harvest hair from the scalp. Hairline international offering the different combinations of hair transplant in Bangalore, Mumbai.

What does Scalp micropigmentation do? Scalp micro pigmentation is not a hair. It’s a procedure where it gives the look of hair covered head. This procedure can be used in combination with the surgical and non- surgical hair
restoration. With the combination of three procedure will give the look of completely hair covered scalp where alone any of the procedure can give the complete hair coverage and a
natural hairline.

What can a hair system offers? The Process of fixing hair system is known as hair fixing. It’s a non-surgical procedure and it gives the natural hairline look. Patients’ hair texture matching hair system will be attached on the scalp with some adhesives behind the hairline. Patients can enjoy the complete natural look with the hair system. Fixing hair system along with the combination hair transplant or smp gives the look of head full of hair.


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