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Beard hair transplantation and mustache hair transplantation will be done on the men. Because beard and mustache are the common traits of the men. In fact many are growing their mustache and beard as a symbolic to their status, manhood and strength.  For this kind of people it’s mandatory to go for beard and mustache hair transplantation. Mustache and beard hair transplant will done on the men who are suffering with patchy hair loss from different parts of bears, mustache and sideburns. Reason behind having the patch hair loss would be heredity, burns, surgical scars or accident stitches.

Facial hair transplant is a technique which restores hair, where facial hair is thin or missing. While this procedure is usually performed on the eyebrows, goatee and mustache areas, and also on beards, sideburns and cheeks. Facial hair transplants can also be performed to conceal different sorts of scars.
Loss of facial hair may be the result of genetics, laser hair removal, surgery, burns or Injury the objectives for this method can differ from a minor filling in or thin coverage of a restricted area, to the full restoration of a thick, full goatee or facial hair. Facial Hair Transplant procedures are best performed using Follicular unit grafting, many patients choose the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique in order to avoid the linear donor scar on the scalp.
Same as hair transplantation procedure to the scalp, the donor hairs for a facial hair transplant will take from the back or sides of the scalp. Once transplanted, the hairs are permanent and normally grow same as facial hair with similar texture and other characteristics.


Men’s believed that beard gives the confidences in many ways. There are people suffering a lot without beard hair. With the advancement in the medical hairline international started doing mustache and beard hair transplantation in Bangalore, Mumbai. With the beard and mustache hair transplant in Bangalore, Mumbai hairline international serving many people in need of mustache and beard Hair.

Procedure of Mustache / Beard Hair transplantation:

  • First doctor will identify the reason behind not having beard or mustache hair.
  • Will guide you through the medical examination for maximizing the results of the procedure.
  • Doctor Analyses the required number of follicles for mustache/ beard transplant and the donor area availability.
  • By using the FUT / FUE procedure hair follicle will be harvested from the donor area and Plants in the Beard/ Mustache.
  • There need to follow post transplantation precautions suggested by the Doctor.

What is the cost of beard hair transplant in Bangalore?

Cost of beard hair transplant varies based on the number of follicles required to transplant and the Donor area availability. Its better coming down to the clinic, get it analyzed by the doctor will help you more.

How painful is the Beard hair transplant procedure?

Beard hair transplant will be performed under the guidance of local anesthesia, so there won’t be much pain involved in it.

When someone can able to shave after the beard transplant?

Normally, it’s better to avoid shaving for two weeks after the beard transplant. But this varies from patient to patient, some may be able to trim after one week of beard hair transplant. Better taking advice from doctor before attempting anything.

Are Beard hair transplant results are permanent?

Results of beard transplant are permanent. After the transplantation the new hair will grow like a normal hair. Can treat it as normal hair.

How long does beard and mustache hair transplant takes?

Depending on the number follicles transplanting it takes 2-4 hours to complete the procedure.

What are the results of mustache hair transplant?

94% of Mustache hair transplant customers are satisfied with the result of transplant. Results varies based on the patient’s body response to the treatment and the surgeon usage of his experience in the procedure influences the results.

What is eyebrow transplant in Bangalore, Mumbai?

Eye brow hair is one of the indicator of ageing. Naturally our eye brow will be thinning as become older. But some people’s eye brows will be thinning because of scarring or illness.

There is a good news for the people who are looking for the eye brow transplantation in Bangalore and Mumbai. Hairline has the experienced hair transplant surgeons to perform the eyebrow transplant. One important thing in eyebrow transplant is choosing the experienced surgeon for transplant.

Do you do mustache, Beard hair transplant in Mumbai?

Yes, Will do mustache, body, beard hair transplant in Mumbai, across our branches in Bangalore, Mumbai.

Is there any side effects with the beard hair transplant?

Beard transplant procedure will be committed once after checking the health condition, past medical history. So there won’t be any side effects.

How many hair grafts required for eyebrow transplant?

200 – 600 grafts are required for the full coverage and 100-250 hair grafts for well-shaped eyebrow.









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