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Robotic Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

Opting to have a hair transplant is a significant, life-changing choice. Understanding the particulars of the robotic transplant will help individuals who aspire for it can determine whether it is right for them. They will need to know what to expect before, during and after the procedure, as well as when they can expect to see results.

Hairline international is the first clinic who has introduced Robotic hair transplantation in Bangalore. We have Bangalore's best hair transplant surgeons. Hairline International Hair & Skin clinic has awarded as The No. 1 Hair Transplant & Aesthetic clinic in South India by Times Business awards Bengaluru 2018.

The Robotic Transplant was designed with such individuals in mind, this high-tech technology was created to reduce the presumption and fatigue linked with manual handheld methods, besides scarring, complications and downtime of obtainable all-encompassing surgical techniques. Unlike older transplant methods, no stitches are required, rendering the procedure nearly unnoticeable. They can now expect natural-looking results without the side effects and recovery times ensuing from older techniques. Overcome the unconstructive stigma linked with conventional hair transplants and gather the advantages of this revolutionary, physician-controlled technology.

During the early stage, hair is selectively harvested with robotic precision providing reliable graft dissection. Advanced robotics offers speed and harvesting accuracy occupied with manual handheld methods.

The Robotic Transplant uses Recipient Site Making to implement latest treatment design which is carefully created with the latest technology. Using the process of robotic Recipient Site Making, the new technology protects the existing, healthy hair. Survival and growth rates of the transplanted hair depend entirely on the meticulous creation of these robotic recipient sites.

Hair Transplant Technology is varying with every year and work is made to make the process as cleanly invasive and as much automated and as less time consuming as likely. Per se, automated transplant is indeed the preferential option for hair transplantation not only for the Surgeons but are also being insisted by the patients themselves.

The earlier automated systems using Suction based harvesting have a few shortfalls like

 • Un-controlled depth while scoring

• De-hydration of Follicular Units due to the vacuum.

• Pain on the tissue of Follicular Units whilst travelling through long suction tubes.

 • Strain to the Follicular Units throughout Handling while implantation.

 • Strain to the Follicular Units during implantation because of pressurized air

. • Buried grafts.

All of these deficits have been addressed and overcome by Robotic transplant. The specially designed punches ensure that the depth of scoring is always restricted and non-variable, thereby ensuring enhanced quality grafts, smaller transection rates and minimal trauma to the deeper structures. The Cold External Climate of the Canister helps in lessening the metabolism of the graft tissue and an enhanced survival. The setup of the instrument ensures that the grafts are transported in a better environment in no time, preventing any damage due to the vacuum and mechanical trauma. The Specially designed Implanters, uses a non-suction, non-blowing mechanism, thus, decreasing any vacuum or dry air damage to the delicate grafts. The implanters are simple to use, simple to sterilize and implanting needles are disposables, all totaling a value to the implantation.


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