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Hair wigs in Bangalore | Wigs for cancer patients in Bangalore

Everyone has a different experience dealing with hair loss, but the feelings which are shared are the same. Hair loss has an impact on our self-image and self-esteem. Beautiful, yet comfortable wigs for cancer patients can help boost confidence and regain some sense of normalcy in their difficult & often grueling times.

The Hair Wigs at Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic are created to answer the special medical needs of customers suffering from hair loss due to medical procedures such a radiation and chemotherapy.

Sensitivity of the scalp can occur during the falling or shedding phase of the hair. The inside of the wig cap at Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic are made with extremely soft and lightweight materials for comfort. Additionally, the use of soft cotton liners during the hair loss shedding phase will prevent the lost hair from sticking to the inside of the wig cap.

1) Synthetic Hair Wigs - are made with extremely light weight materials and a normal light density of hair for a natural appearance. They are very easy to care for and require very little styling and maintenance. These synthetic hair wigs are excellent solutions for cancer patients who are in need of a wig.

There are very soft materials on the inside of the cap along with areas of a non slip material to keep the wig from shifting while it is on the head. In addition, there are hook adjustments at the nape of the neck

2) Human hair Wigs – made with Remy human hair, textured relaxed Remy hair or European human hair. The special features of these wigs include non slip areas inside to adhere to the scalp, soft base materials for comfort, French lace fronts for a natural hairline appearance and adjustable caps for fit. The human hair has been specially treated to prevent tangling, for ease of care.

We at Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic pay careful attention to the needs of the medical hair loss patient who is  wearing a wig for the first time. Our experts will help you choose the medical wig that is best suited for you.

3) Wigs made of one's own hair - some patients are very particular that the wig should be made out of their own hair. In this case we take the patient's hair & make a wig out of it as per their requirement.



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