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We have been observing for quite a time now that hair loss problems occur in men more commonly than in women and it has been seen that every second male suffers from hair loss issues.  Balding is very frequent amongst males due to the occurrence of the hormone testosterone in them which further gets converted to Di-hydro testosterone.

In males & females once they begin to show hair loss symptoms they should immediately meet the trichologist to get started with the right treatment. Hair loss care and its treatment is quiet holistic in its approach which includes not only certain tricho-active external applications, food supplements and treatments but it would also include definite dietary and lifestyle modifications.).

Our panel of Trichologists includes hair and scalp specialists who firstly diagnose the causes of hair fall, hair breakage, hair thinning, miniaturization of hair; diseases of the scalp and start the treatment according to causes.

We are one among the Best Trichology Clinic in Bangalore in addition we have the best and exceptional Trichologists as our esteemed team. The treatment we provide not only focuses on delaying the process of hair loss but it also helps in improving the present condition with variable options which are present today (a range of surgical and non-surgical options for treating hair loss in men, women and related hair disorders). Our doctors and consultants treat the patients with utmost care, compassion and support at our clinics.

We treat all major and minor hair and scalp disorders through patented treatments and tricho-active medicines like no other clinic in India. From diagnosis to treatment we harness the most scientific and up to date internationally acclaimed techniques. We take pride in providing pioneering techniques to fight hair thinning to prevent hair fall; provide scalp coverage, hair transplants to fight irreversible hair loss.

Every patient is treated only by a certified trichologist, so you can be rest assured that you are in professional hands. We have the best and most experienced doctors on our elite panel of trichologists. Our team comprises of the best Trichologist and healthcare staff from Bangalore the technologies we utilize are designed to provide excellent results without any side effects. Some of the procedures may need repeated treatments to ensure good results.

Our sincere attempt is to bring the best facilities in terms of medical expertise and technology to service the mankind and strive to be one of the top trichologist facilities in Bangalore. We are committed to provide safe and effective hair care solutions customized to the preeminent needs of the individual patient. 

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