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Did you lost your hair? Don’t you have hope in getting new hair? Feeling jealous by looking at others hair styles? Now it’s time to say good bye to all your hair worries. Here is the best solution. Hairline international has come up with non-surgical hair fixing in Chennai. Hairline has customized non-surgical hair replacement method will help you provide the best solution.

Our non-surgical hair restoration techniques will helps you get head full of hair in just one hour. Which looks exactly how your existing hair is and our hair stylists will do make over for your hair as per your Interest? Our different hair system helps you to choose based on your requirement. Hair fixing is a completely a non-surgical procedure, so there won’t be any pain, cost effective ,no scars and result oriented treatment for hair loss. Hairline international resides with specialists for hair fixing in Chennai. Hair fixing is the best solution for the people with bald are.

Non-surgical hair replacement comprises of hair fixing, hair weaving and hair bonding.

Hair weaving in Chennai: Hair weaving is the process of attaching the new hair to the once natural hair. It can be attached by using the clips or other related appliances. Which is completely different from hair transplantation.  In this A track is prepared with one’s own existing hair, reinforced with a medicated thread and used as a base to weave the external attachment.

Hair bonding in Chennai: Hair bonding is also one of the nonsurgical replacement meathod. It’s a great way to increase the length of hair with the hair extensions. It’s completely painless procedure. We use our advanced technology to attach tightly without a chance of getting loose.

Hair fixing in Chennai (Silicone Gel Adhesive System): Hair fixing refer to the people who prefer not to remove their hair wigs for period of time. Client must visit the clinic on every second month for checking the condition of scalp.

Hairline international has different hair system options to choose:  A classic all weather kind of unit which is prepared solely on the basis of the grade of hair loss. The design is impeccable with extreme ventilation and designed so scientifically in such a way that it just covers areas of baldness only. This stylistic hair toupee is a rare piece made and found only at this special facility.

Super fine Californian: This base is a fine filament with single knotting looking extremely real and scalp like is available in all colours and sizes and is an all-time unit in demand.

Heavy welded:  A special innovation with incredible breathability considering the base, firm and sturdy underlying structure; option of refilling hair is very possible in this case. The duration and life of this toupee is long with complete dependability.

Customized hair toupees: Which will be prepared based on the customer requirements. Customer will be choosing the base, color of hair and type of hair. Once the wig or patch fixed to the client. Hair styling will be done by our expert hair stylist.

What is the cost of non-surgical hair replacement in Chennai?
Cost of Hair fixing in Chennai varies based on the certain things like amount of bald area need to cover, type of wig or patch you are choosing.

Why hairline international for non-surgical hair fixing in Bangalore?

  • Hairline has rated as a leading trichology clinic by the Times of India
  • Hairline provides World class state of art facilities.
  • Hairline has in-house research center and laboratory
  • Advanced US-FDA approved procedures and equipment
  • Best and experienced team of trichologists
  • Certified and well training group of therapists
  • Customized treatments based on the individual requirement and medical history
  • We served many client with 95% customer satisfaction.

What is the difference between hair fixing and hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation is completely surgical procedure, where the surgery time will be 6-8 hours based on the number hair follicles getting transplanted, you can see natural hair growth in this procedure, takes some time to see the result.

Non-surgical hair fixing in Chennai: hair fixing is completely non-surgical procedure, it takes very less time compared to hair transplantation. In 1 hour you can see the difference in your look with hair fixing, synthetic or human hair can be fixed on your head.

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