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PRP is a technique of autologous tissue revival & regeneration. It involves the fortification of blood plasma with platelets and its direct injection to the area affected by hair loss. PRP for hair loss treatment is mainly based on the action of Growth Factors, which are proteins that loll in our body (plasma and platelets include growth factors) and help it by developing regenerating and revitalizing action to restore the tissues that do not operate properly or have been damaged.

We are considered justly one of the Best PRP Treatment and therapy Center in Bangalore. We concentrate on providing safe and effective treatments that is customized to meet all our patient expectations. We employ modern equipments and innovative techniques to make certain that our patient’s treatment cost get their money's worth. We take our moment to accurately determine the underlying cause of the problems and address those causes as effectively as possible.

Our proficient medical team is well trained and have years of experience in the industry and are capable of providing excellent services. We offer a comprehensive scalp Analysis, followed by specialist advice on the treatments required. Finally, you receive treatments that are at the vanguard of progressive efforts and technologies and that offer established results in restoring, revitalizing and regenerating your hair.

We lay out all the potential solutions for our client’s problems, and help them to make an educated decision in their best interests. We strive to lessen turnaround time and ensure that they can get back to their normal lives as soon as possible usually three to six treatments of PRP are advised, with one month intervals between the sessions. However, treatments are usually custom-made based on individual needs.

Though PRP is very effectual, it may not be the only or the correct option for people with advanced hair loss. As PRP uses your own blood, this treatment is free from the risk of allergies and allergic reactions. However, to be sure we select an experienced dermatologist to deliver your injectable treatments. We always put our client’s safety first, and take all the indispensable precautions before and after the surgery.

We are one among the best PRP Treatment clinics in Bangalore in addition we have the best and exceptional trichologist as our esteemed team. The treatment we provide not only focuses on delaying the process of hair loss also we keep in mind not to cause any side effects.


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