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PRP Treatment for hair loss in Mumbai | Hair PRP Treatment in Mumbai


In recent Days hair loss, hair fall effects men and women all over the globe for various reasons. Mainly in urban areas we can see many people suffering with hair loss, hair fall problem. Reasons could be work stress, pollution, imbalance of hormones, vitamin deficiency, health issues and heredity. To arrest the hair fall need to undergo the doctor guidance.


To control the hair loss and hair fall hairline come up with PRP treatment in Mumbai. As Mumbai is more polluted many people would be suffering with hair loss, hair fall issues. So PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is the best solution to arrest the hair fall and helps for the regrowth of hair. Before the PRP treatment session Doctor will guide you through complete procedure and prepares the client.


What is the procedure of PRP hair treatment in Mumbai?
PRP Treatment for hair loss procedure involves

  • Blood is drawn from the vein in the patient’s arm (which is about 20 to 50ml)
  • Blood is processed through centrifuge machine and then creates the centrifuged platelets for Injection.
  • Bald area on your head or the area having thin hair will be cleaned with alcohol or iodine.
  • Gel will be used, if any ultra sounds is being used, and ultra-probe will be applied on gel covered area and live image will be projected for the doctor. 
  • Doctor will injects the platelets into the bald area with injection.

Why PRP treatment for hair loss in Mumbai?

  • It’s a non-surgical procedure, no pain involved in the procedure
  • PRP treatment is safe and provides reliable results.
  • PRP procedure takes approximately 60 minutes. 
  • Recovery period after PRP hair treatment is very less.
  • You can see regrowth of natural hair
  • Cost of the PRP treatment also very reasonable.
  • Need 4-8 sessions of PRP hair treatment based on doctor suggestion.
  • Why Hairline international for PRP treatment in Mumbai?
  • Hairline has rated as a leading trichology clinic by the Times of India
  • Hairline provides World class state of art facilities.
  • Hairline has in-house research center and laboratory
  • Advanced US-FDA approved procedures and equipment
  • Best and experienced team of trichologists
  • Certified and well training group of therapists
  • Customized treatments based on the individual requirement and medical history
  • We served many client with 95% customer satisfaction.

How many session of PRP hair treatment required to control hair fall?
PRP treatment is a customized approach for hair loss issues. Doctor will design the course of treatment based on the severity of hair loss and the reproductive opportunity of body. Laster the trichologists will run bunch of tests to find you as a suitable candidate for the PRP Treatment. Once after completion of the evaluation process, doctor suggests you the number of session PRP treatment to regrow your hair.

What is the cost of PRP treatment for hair loss in Mumbai?
The cost of PRP Treatment varies for person to person based on the number of sessions customer getting treated and package he is choosing for. Hairline international is known for the state of art services and cost effective procedures. Please walk into the nearest hairline clinic to take consultation by the best dermatologist in Mumbai.

What are the tests will be done before suggesting for PRP Treatment for hair loss?
Before the treatment

  • Doctor will go through you family history for incidence of alopecia areata among family members.
  • Go through past surgery and current medical status
  • Regular hair products using to control hair loss
  • Conducts bunch of tests to find deficiency of nutrition
  • Medications currently using for any illness.

Is there any precaution need to take post PRP Treatment in Mumbai?
It’s necessary that patient must follow the prescribed medication for a prescribed period of time post Hair PRP treatment session. Post PRP treatment care influences the hair growth.

What are the new approaches available to control hair fall and recover from hair loss in Mumbai?

(Platelet rich plasma) Prp treatment for hair loss in Mumbai is a proven treatment to arrest the hair fall and helps for the regrowth of new hair. Prp treatment is a scientifically proven method to control hair loss.

How many sessions of prp treatment required for the better results?

Numbers of sessions of prp treatment is completely depends on the clients hair condition. Normally 4-8 would be the best option based on hair loss stage.

How regularly need to attend the prp sessions?

With an internals 30 days need to attend the prp treatment without postponement along with the usage of medication and diet for better results.

Is it safe to opt for prp treatment for hair maintained?

PRP treatment is clinically proven method and it is US-FDA approved procedure.

How you made Platelet rich plasma?

Platelet rich plasma will be used in the prp treatment for hair loss. Blood which has taken from the customers will be centrifuged and separates the plasma and red blood cells.

How does platelet rich plasma treat hair loss/ hair fall?

Because of Androgenetic alopecia, different pattern baldness issue hair will be in shedding stage. While we inject rich plasma into the scalp, it will helps the air follicles in shedding stage to reactive and gives the growth to it.





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