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Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore

Everyone dreams of an unblemished skin but let us face it; it does not turn true for all. Skin pigmentation can be quite bothersome and disturbing but still, it is likely to get a complexion free of all blemishes. Our skin contains melanocyte cells that produce melanin. Melanin gives our skin its color.

As we get older, our skin loses its glow and begins to get blemished; ageing spots and other blemishes some of the problems we struggle with. Aside from these skin discolorations, we also combat with other signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkle. The great news is that there are helpful solutions to these skin issues.

What Causes Hyper-Pigmentation?

Over exposure to the UV rays from the sun is the major cause of uneven skin tone. The UV rays cause sunburn and age spot. Intense and extreme ultraviolet ray of the sun triggers overproduction of melanin in the skin, which accurse over the years to form what we call age or brown spots.

Whenever melanin is formed in large amounts, it leads to hyperpigmented skin. This results in freckles and dark spots on the skin. This is in general caused due to excessive exposure to the sun, trauma pimple or could be a side effect of certain drugs. There are various cosmetic solutions offered for skin pigmentation.


The good news is that the disease is treatable. There are manifold methods to help get rid of skin pigmentation.


A very good moisturizer always helps the skin to hydrate well and get back the lost texture.

Sunscreen: It is always ideal to use an appropriate sunscreen suiting your skin. The SPF (sun protection factor) should be 30 or above for better effect. Always use it at least 20-30 minutes before you go out. And apply it every 3 to 4 hours, even on a non-sunny day.

Depigmenting Creams: Creams containing kojic acid, glycolic acid, arbutin, licorice, hydroquinone, azeleic acid etc will help in reducing the pigment formation and lighten the existing spots.

Face Wash: face wash containing salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin makes the skin lighter and brighter.

Peels: certain lightning peels containing glycolic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid, arbatin, phenol are used to exfoliate the top layer of skin, ideally done once in 3 weeks.

Medifacials: it is a cocktail of procedures to enhance your skin complexion.

Lasers: Q switched netyag laser is the best laser to shatter the already formed pigments and to brighten your skin, it is an extremely safe procedure with no or minimal down time.

Chemical Peel - A procedure where the top layer of skin unpeels off due to a chemical applied over skin.

Fraxel - Those with scars & wrinkles can undertake this treatment. It's effectual in treating superficial Melasma.


Frequently asked questions about Pigmentation treatment in Bangalore:

Q. What is skin pigmentation?
A. skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes the skin to appear either lighter or darker than the existing skin color. Sometime pigmentation may appears as a patch. We have a skin component called melanin which decides and regulates the color of skin.
Q. What are the causes of skin pigmentation?
A. overexposure of the skin to the sun, genetic, hormonal changes, heredity, stress, over use of cosmetics, some medications like hormone treatment, antibiotics, anti-seizure drugs, Frequent use of hair dyes, Excessive exposure to lights in the dark.
Q. What is hyper pigmentation?
A. hyper pigmentation is defined as excessive darkening of the skin in any part of the body like face, neck and hands than usual color.
Q. what are the different types hyper pigmentation?
A. There are 4 types of skin disorders.
 Melasma
 Freckles
 Photo Melanosis
 Tanning
 Photo Melanos
Q. What are the available skin pigmentation treatments in the Bangalore?
A. if anybody having above skin disorders. You do not need to worry about it! Hairline skin clinic came up with best skin pigmentation treatments in Bangalore.
 Our sunscreen helps your skin from getting pigmented.
 Our de-pigmenting creams help in reducing the pigment formation and lighten the existing spots.
 Our face washes containing salicylic acid makes the skin lighter and brighter.
 Our Chemical peels treatment, laser and med facials works well as pigmentation treatment.

Q. How many sessions of chemical peels required to rid of pigmented skin?
A. Minimum 3-5 session of chemical peeling required to heal pigmented skin with intervals of 3 weeks.
Q. How much would be the cost of pigmentation treatment in Bangalore?
A. We cannot give you the exact price of pigmentation treatment because it varies with the amount of skin pigmented and area of skin pigmented.

Hairline Pigmentation Treatment in Bangalore Reviews:

The best thing I like about Hairline clinic, they have unique laser treatments for acne and pigmented skin problem in Bangalore. Good staff and doctors are very concerned about the patients. Keep it up hairline.
Name: Priya
Treatment and location: Pigmentation treatment Bangalore

Amazing facilities provided by hairline international. They are not just providing the pigmentation treatment, acne removal treatment for good skin. Hairline also has the best dieticians where they helpyou to maintain healthy skin and hair with the best diet.
Name :Arpitha
Treatment and location: Best Pigmentation treatment Bangalore

Generally I’m not the person regularly share my experience in any of forum. But my pigmentation treatment at hairline clinic made me share my experience. I underwent pigmentation treatment at hairline, doctor suggested 3 sessions of treatment, and it reduced completely and she prescribed some medicine to maintain the same. It’s really good experience with hairline skin clinic Bangalore.
Name: Bhavya
Treatment and location: Pigmentation treatment Bangalore.

I took laser treatment for my pigmented skin by hairline skin clinic in Bangalore. Impact of laser treatment helps to get rid of pigmentation. My best wishes to the best clinic.

Name: Smitha
Treatment and location: Pigmentation treatment Bangalore.

I am 20 years old; I had pigmented skin on face, which made me look like 30 years old person. I was searching for pigmented free skin treatment in Bangalore. I got to know that chemical peels are working very well for pigmented skin, same time it worked very well on my skin also. It’s really nice experience with hairline Hair& skin clinic.
Name: Mansi
Treatment and location: skin Pigmentation treatment Bangalore.

I have been taking pigmentation treatment in Bangalore hairline clinic from last 2 months. With every session of treatment I see some improvement with the dark spots on my face. It’s a best experience with Dr.kala and hairline.

Name: Melody
Treatment and location: Pigmentation Treatment Bangalore.

I got ageing spots on my face. Hairline pigmentation treatment helped me to get rid of ageing spots on my face. Under grew the medical management for 2 months. My face recovered from ageing spots. Thank you hairline.

Name: Anupama
Treatment and location: Pigmentation Treatment Bangalore.

Good experience with Dr.Farzhana. She is very good at the treatment and taking care of her clients. I got good result for the pigmentation treatment by her Dr. Farzana.

Name: Suman
Treatment and location: Pigmentation treatment Bangalore.

Hairline is one of the best clinics. I am taking pigmentation treatment in Bangalore. I’m getting good response with the treatment. If anybody looking for pigmentation treatment in Bangalore hairline is the place to get treated.

Name: Melody
Treatment and location: Pigmentation Treatment Bangalore.

I’m a marketing person. I used to travel more on bike, my skin more exposed to the skin because of that my skin got pigmented. Through my friends reference I found hairline clinic. Doctor suggested me some treatment for my pigmented skin followed by medication. After the treatment doctors suggested to use some creams while going out. With no worries I’m travelling now. Thank you hairline for best pigmentation treatment in Bangalore. 

Name: Indhu
Treatment and location: Pigmentation treatment.





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