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This treatment employs your own blood platelets to shrink the dark loops, hollow appearance, and crinkles around the eyes. The PRP has the capability to generate growth factors, which arouse your collagen molecules to revitalize the skin area and thus, making it more tight and strong. The platelet therapy makes the texture smooth, firms the skin, and reduces the dark circles. It is an easy and quick procedure. Under-eye bags, dark circles and puffiness are some of the most common complaints that people have as a result of aging and adoption of unhealthy lifestyle. PRP therapy is a brilliant way to treat dark circles. The procedure starts by drawing from your body and revolving it in a special machine to detach the platelets. These carefully procured platelets are then vaccinated into the under-eye area to motivate development of new skin cells and even collagen.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Circles Treatment:

There are many reasons for getting dark circles. It can be because of stress, hormonal changes, heredity, lack of sleep and many more. It can affects both men and women. Dark circles should treated immediately, not only they just dull overall appearance it can lead to serious issues.
Q. How does dark circles appear?
A. Dark circles appears below the eyes in a half moon shape. Dark circle are nothing, but blood vessels that are located under your eyes and can be seen through your skin.
Q. what causes under eye dark circles?
A. Are you over stressed or overworked or didn’t sleep properly, then you are in problem of getting dark circles. Hormonal changes might effects the dark circles.
 Dark circles under the eyes can lead because of heredity conditions that runs on your families.
 Eczema itself may not lead to the dark circle. Because of itching if you rubs your eye heavily, Excessive rubbing can lead to increased swelling, inflammation, and broken blood vessels in the eye area, which causes dark circles under the eyes.
 If you are using makeup for darkening you eye lashes, that bugs your skin that could be lead to worsened dark circles.
 Dark circles have nothing to do with your actual skin. It could simply the way our face has shaped. If anybody have deep tears through under their eyes the shadowing causes appearance of dark circles.
 Eyelid skin is the thinnest in our body. Because of heavy exposure of skin to the sun, so sun damage shows up quickly in this area form of dark circles.

 Dark circles can be an indication of an iron inadequacy, for example, frailty. For individuals with less iron in their body, hemoglobin, the red color which conveys oxygen to cells, is all the more effectively separated and can influence the skin below the eye to appear dark.
Q. What are available dark circle treatments in Bangalore?
A. Normally people fells like dark circle have nothing to do our health or beauty. But in reality what they don’t know is it can become permanent on your face and spoils your beauty. To make sure which shouldn’t happen, you have to go through Dark circle treatment. Hairline skin clinic has the most advanced dark circle treatments like chemical peels, prp for dark
circles, laser treatments completely helps you get rid of Dark circles. Hairline skin clinic has the best dermatologist who are highly experienced in Dark circle treatment can quickly heal the dark circles.
Q. How long do I have to take dark circle treatment?
A. Treatment doesn’t take much time to heal the circles. It takes 2-3 weeks to see the result.
Q. Is there any side effects with dark circle removal treatment?
A. No, which is absolutely safe and there won’t be any side effects with the treatment.
Q. Is there any permanent treatmentfor dark circle removal in Bangalore?
A. we have treatment for dark circle free eyes for a quite long period of time. If you care your eyes based on doctors suggestion.


Hairline Dark Circles Treatment Reviews:

I use to study a lot and spend lot of time in front of system. As a result I got dark circles. My friend suggested me Hairline as she already got hair treatment from Koramangala branch. I went for consultation. Got convinced with doctor suggestion. After 2 months I am seeing visible result. Thanks to Hairline Clinic
Name: Supriyasahu
Treatment and location: Dark circle treatment Koramangala Bangalore

I use to look horrible because of dark circles. I work in BPO night shift and yes I have bad food habits. I am not sure what the reason behind my dark circles was but I suffered a lot. Then I saw Hairline Advertisement in TV. I approached them. They did good job for my skin.
Name: Sandhya
Treatment and location: Dark circle treatment Bangalore
I would like to share my experience with hairline. I found this place tidy and clean always. Doctors and remaining staff are very co-operative. As a client I received good treatment for my dark circles and friendly approach from the whole team. I just took 2 sittings. Seen clear difference as doctor shown my before after pics. Still 4 more sittings are there. I am expecting
still more improvement. Doctor said it is possible. I am very happy that I chose hairline for Dark circles treatment.
Name: Amrutha
Treatment and location: Dark circle removal treatment Bangalore
I suffered a lot with under eye dark circles. I tried all cosmetics, creams and home remedies but no improvement. One of my friends referred DrPremalatha in Hairline Richmond Road. I consulted her and explained my situation. I asked for a solution to get rid of my dark circles as it is looking ugly. Because my skin is very good and I look so fair. On fair face those dark circles
use to look horrible. She supported me a lot and given good treatment. After taking few sittings I got good result.
Name: kishan
Treatment and location: Dark circle removal treatment Bangalore


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