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Regenera Activa for skin treatment

Regenera Activa for skin treatment system is a cutting-edge skin treatment that uses stem cells to regenerate and rejuvenate facial skin. This system promotes the growth of new cells and the supply of nutrients to the face, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The treatment is based on the regenerative and revitalizing properties of growth factors found in extracted tissue samples. In clinical studies, the cell-forming effect of Regenera Activa for skin treatment has been proven to be effective

How is the Regenera Activa Treatment done?

The skin behind the ear is a great area to take skin samples from because it is not exposed to the sun or other external factors. This makes the 6 punches (2.5 mm in diameter) less likely to have problems healing.

The tissue pieces obtained are processed using a special device – the Rigenera device. The contained cells, mostly stem cells, are separated from the connective tissue fibers and dissolved with saline to prepare for injection.

Regenera Activa for skin treatment and how long-term are the results?

The procedure is much shorter than traditional stem cell treatments - only taking one session instead of the month-long process and three sessions that other treatments require. Regenera Activa for skin is also more versatile, as it can be repeated as needed after either one or two years to help slow down the aging process and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

The Regenera Activa stem cell treatment usually lasts around an hour. The stem cells are injected during this time. People usually see some initial results within three months, with the full effect appearing after six months. The results are long-lasting.

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