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I am Mohammed Asif, 24 years working for a mobile company in sales. All men in my family are bald & I started having hair fall when I was 18 years. Till last year I was properly bald & was on search for a good hair clinic. Had visited a couple of Hair Clinics but was not really convinced. One day Ms. Ruheena, Hairline Clinic Manager at Indiranagar came to my shop for mobile service & asked me to visit her Clinic seeing me bald. She assured me about the results which I was really worried about.

 Then I met Dr. Dinesh G G was really convinced & went ahead for a FUT Hair Transplant surgery.Now it is almost 7 months post transplant & I see amazing results. Anybody wants to get a hair transplant done then I would definitely recommend Hairline International Hair & Skin Clinic.  *  

Hair Transplant
By: Mohammed Asif | Aug 3, 2014 02:06 PM


 Laser hair reduction helped me a lot on removing my unwanted hairs on my body at Hairline.I have a lot of hair all over my body. I've tried every method there is out there, but each method failed. Shaving , waxing , bleaching ... etc. I started laser hair removal a few years ago. I've had about 5 treatments on upper and lower legs.

I would suggest do it if you have light skin, and dark THICK hair. I'm glad I did it, was well worth the money I spent.
Thanks Hairline.   *

Hair Transplant
By: ShikhaJaiswal | Jun 25, 2013 01:06 PM


This is my first review of Skin Rejuvenation at Hairline Clinic. I had wonderful results with it.I am receiving great compliments on my skin. Skin Rejuvenation has been great to my skin. I really appreciate the specials they offer to regular customers. I continue to highly recommend Skin Rejuvenation to anyone at Hairline, but especially to Black individuals like myself. They have really done a nice job of cleaning up the acne I developed a few years ago and keeping my skin moisturized and even in complexion. I'm a happy customer of Hairline! and I am really thankful to them.    *

Skin Rejuvenation
By: vimlatiwari | Jun 25, 2013 12:47 PM


I was so much excited with this new step in my life.I scheduled my fue hair transplantation with Hairline.I met the doctor and I was very comfortable with them.
After surgery I felt to be in a new page in my life.Choosing a great clinic is an important issue that's what I believe .     *

My fue hair Transplantation at Hairline Clinic
By: Anshuman123 | Jun 25, 2013 12:32 PM


 I suffered a lot from acne scars for a couple of years.Then I heard about Hairline International Clinic from one of my colleague as he went for her scar treatment.There I met Dr. Prafulla . I was blown away by her knowledge, compassion and dedication at the time of my consultation. I have been seeing herfor over 2.5 years now ( I started with TCA application and now I do fillers) and I barely can see the scarring, Dr. Prafulla makes them basically disappear.

I strongly recommend Dr. Prafulla to anyone with acne scarring. She offers a variety of treatment options to your type of scarring. I know with how I have been treated by her and her dedicated staff that anyone seeking any procedure will be very happy with the experience and the results.
Thank you Dr. Prafulla for making me feel so beautiful again!   *

Acne scar treatment really helped me.
By: preetisharma123 | Apr 15, 2013 01:49 PM
(Updated Aug 27, 2013 12:26 PM)


I m Jyoshna from Delhi working in IT company got transferred to Bangalore initial times was OK but later on, the water dint suit me n that's whr I noticed Hairfall as I had straightened my Hair it was really so BAD to see my hair falling heavily & then I googled n that's whr I came to know about Hairline International Clinic I called them shared my problem's later I got appointment in their clinic. It was so good with the consultation Doctor prescribed medicine & I even had hair therapy done, so now im finally free with my hair problem.    *

Finally im free frm Hairfall.
By: jyoo | Mar 20, 2012 01:22 PM


I Im Bala aged 42yrs. I had serious complaints of hairfall after coming to Bangalore; from past 4 years I tried various other treatments that were not yielding me my expected results. I came to know about Hairline clinic through TOI Saturday article and visted their clinic. There the team of Doctors convincingly explained my condition after thorough examination i.e.appropriate investigations. I was assessed and corrected for my irregular food habits and lifestyles and was advised to do hilarious task of quitting smoking for three months at least during the treatment hence started the treatment, Initially it was very tough but got used to it later. My hairfall has drastically reduced after 3 months and now its nearing to 9 month, I am finding my hair condition quite better and upto my expectation. Nice advice by doctor's where even I have quit smoking for the rest of my life.
so it benefited me by 2 ways 1 by getting my hair back & 2 is I quieted smoking for rest of my life.   *

Dietary helped me geting back my hair.
By: balaboss | Jan 28, 2012 05:07 PM


I had severe Hairfall where I seemed very bad like my head was going fully BALD due to some very bad health condition & my friend told me about the Hairline Clinic, she advised me to try for Treatment there as her mother is also taking treatment then, I went with a great hope to the clinic. After listening to my problem's the doctor advised me with a surgical treatment but I was not willing to go for it as im very afraid of surgery but instead of that they gave an option of Non surgical (ie; wig ) it was really an amazing thing which I saw an American made wig, I cudnt believe it that it seemed very natural as a human hair later I opted for that now im free from my Hairfall issue everyone are surprised to see me with my same old young look Oh..! God im really HAPPY with it..
I don't know really how to thank Hairline Clinic who gave back my old young look with my hair's back without any treatment..   *

American Wig gave my same Old Young Look.
By: Anshika123 | Sep 03, 2013 04:50 PM


I started facing Hairfall Problem from past 1 yr. I was very stressed out last year because of my 10th Board exam's, after which the problem started. My mom said after the exam's stress settle the Hairfall will become Normal. So I waited for 3 months. But later I realized the problem persists. I met my family doctor who suggested me multivitamin tablets & some Hair Oil, Shampoos & assured me it will settle in few days. I started using them & even took good nutrition. But Hairfall dint stop my hair became thin as days passed. That's when I got to know about Hairline clinic & I visited them. They did my scalp biopsy & took a sample of hair few blood test were conducted which showed that I had iron deficiency, along with initial stages of androgenic alopecia. I even had PCOD to my surprise..!! I started treatment there & also was directed to a Gynecology who started some medication for the PCOD. Within 1.5 months my Hairfall came under control & by end of 4 months I could see the difference in volume of my Hair. So 3 cheer's to the Hairline clinic.   *

Hairfall stress got relieved by Hairline clinic.
By: Sunitha_p | Jan 16, 2012 05:40 PM


My Son started losing hair at young age. He was just 20 years old and he was losing about 100 Hair /day. I was very concerned about him, as even I faced bald problem at very early age.I have read in net that hereditary is the main factor reason for baldness. I went to meet the dr. at Hairline International Clinic. They suggested me to start with the basic therapy of laser comb, acupuncture, roller and medicine application within a month of starting treatment my son hairfall reduced and had now it's been 5 month of treatment and even his hair has started to grow back again .

I am very happy with the service and care given to my son Most of all I am happy to see my son improving Hope he gets back all the hair which he has lost and I thanking to Hair Line International.   *

My son got his hair back.
By: Prashanth07676 | Jan 16, 2012 04:36 PM


I'm Lokesh, and have been taking Basic & PRP treatment for Hair at Hairline clinic in Indiranagar for about 7 months now. It has been a good experience for me, and the results are very good. The doctors and staff are friendly.

We get clear instructions and details about all the analysis and course direction for the treatment. It is important to be patient and wait for the results, if all the medicines, diet, and treatments are done correctly and in a timely manner, the results are excellent. I would recommend Hairline to anyone willing to redefine their "hairline".   *

PRP for Hair
By: Lokesh Kumar / May 24, 2014  4:30 PM


Hairline has one of the best services on Hair & Skin treatment. The staff / Doctors are extremely professional, understand the exact problem by proper diagnosis and provide apt treatments. This is one stop shop for all Hair & Skin issues.

Hairline offers unique range of treatments which has helped me.   *

Hair Transplant
By: Nitin / June 7, 2014  3:30 PM


Due to hereditary, I had the hair fall from the age of 16 years approximately. I was not much worried about it initially. But the hairfall rate increased during college days due to which people were able to find my frontal part going bald. I didn't find any solution for this due to my economical position. During my college days, I was much worried during any function for aligning my hair style covering the frontal region. After I had joined work, most of the person identified me with the sign of person having frontal head region without hair. This made me to take some initiation. I tried products with TV advertisements which gave the worst result. Hairfall increased a lot.

I decided to get married at the age of 29 so decided to take a right decision for this hair fall and bald head problem. So at the age of 28 I started checking through Internet and various contacts feedback about the solution for hairfall and bald head. I arrived at the conclusion of Hair Transplant is the best solution. Due to my job, I moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Through Internet got the contact details of Hairline Clinic. I contacted Hairline, Indiranagar I found their response through phone confident. So, I went for the Consultation on the same day.

I checked the various option for this bald head problem. They explained various options with the pros & cons of doing it. I opted for Hair Transplant surgery & got the quotation which was reasonable with respect to the Hospital that I checked in Mumbai & Hyderabad. I had paid for the surgery on the same day in May 2013. I had undergone the surgery for 13 – 14 hours on the same day I reached back home without any side effects and pain. The next day, I joined back my duty. From May 2013 to till this month August, 2014 I am visiting their Clinic for the laser comb, medicines, routine check up during which the hospitality is good. The result is 100% as I expected now. My college mate who meet me after a year or 2 years ask me how come I have the same hair present as I had during the college days. This makes the money I spent for this treatment as more valuable & meaningful.

The main thing is I don't have much hairfall for last one year. Its common like other persons. On the whole, I am very much happy & satisfied with Hairline Clinic, the surgeon Dr. Dinesh, hospitality during each visit and the cost of treatment.

Hairline offers unique range of treatments which has helped me.   *

Hair Transplant
By:M Krishnamurthy ,29 years, Design Engineer ,Chennai

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